Calendar of events

Mariupol Freedom Square lives in the rhythm of the city!


Urban spaces are becoming more technological and adapt to the human life rhythms. The connection between the city and a citizen is becoming more tangible and stronger.

Seasonal content is specially designed for Freedom Square to complement the urban image, depending on the season.


Changing seasonal scenarios every 3 months, the square reflects the rhythm of city life


  • In winter, snowflakes whirl
  • Flowers bloom in spring
  • Butterflies fly in summer
  • In autumn, the leaves fall


Holidays and significant urban events are supported by specially developed thematic content with audio.


New Year, Valentine's Day, national or city holidays all are reflected in the square due to laser-light, sound and caustic effects.


Come frequently to see all the year-round diversity!


All the light and laser elements of the square come to life every day after sunset.


At the beginning of each hour, you can see how all the regions of Ukraine are united into a single blooming country.

For the next 40 minutes, the square broadcasts seasonal symbols with light and lasers, and special programs have been developed to support the holidays.

In the last 20 minutes of every hour, visitors have the chance to create their own dolphin in the app and release it to the square!


Every Friday and Saturday, a spectacular laser-light show takes place on the square

  • at 20:00 from September to April
  • at 21:00 from May to August