Donetsk region

Chalk Flora Nature Reserve

"Cretaceous Flora" is a nature reserve located on the banks of the Seversky Donets. More than 10 km long and up to 5 km wide, the territory is a branch of the Ukrainian Steppe Nature Reserve. The main feature of this place is chalk deposits, sometimes protruding and creating a unique relief. They are part of the beautiful landscapes and a prerequisite for the fact that there are canyons and ravines, gullies, and rocks in the protected forests.

Water tower

The water tower is an architectural monument of Mariupol. Built in 1910 and has a height of 33 meters. The tower has long served the people of Mariupol as part of the city water supply system. On the occasion of the 240th anniversary of the city, the historic building was restored. In the tower, which is located in the heart of Mariupol, there is a recreation area, lecture halls, coworking space and an observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of almost anywhere in the city.


Stone Graves Reserve

One of the seven wonders of Ukraine, a bright landmark of the Donetsk region, a place popular with tourists - all that is said about the reserve called "Stone Graves." Those who appreciate the beauty of nature should definitely see these places! Interestingly, the granite rocks located on the reserve territory are unbeatable in chemical composition, the only ones on the planet having their own physical structure. These places were seen by the Scythians and Sumerians, and scientists have found here rock paintings that root even in Mesopotamia.





Holy Mountains National Park

One of the most famous national nature parks in the country is called the "Holy Mountains". Objects that have become part of a vast territory are located in three districts of the Donetsk region at once. Interestingly, the Cretaceous rocks took their place in the top 10 natural wonders of Ukraine in 2008. The natural park, which stretches along the Seversky Donets' shores, includes mountains and rare plants that have grown here since the pre-glacial period.