Kirovogradsky region

Water mill in the Lupolove village

The story of the watermill in the village of Lupolovo could become the basis for a feature film about the zeal and hard work of people and the cruelty of the Soviet regime. This place is a must-see when traveling around the Kirovograd region. At the end of the 19th century, the family of Demyan Smirnov moved to the village of Lupolovo and rented a wooden mill here. Subsequently, his son Konstantin built a large three-story mill in the village. According to the stories of residents, Konstantin found a treasure of several tens of thousands of gold coins and invested in the construction.



Tract "Cascades"

Ukrainian crystalline shield – the main tectonic structure of Ukraine. It stretches from the north west (from the Rivne region) to the southeast (Zaporozhye region) for a thousand kilometers, and has spectacular natural attractions. 

Berestuvate Lake

Berestuvate (also called Black) is a lake in Ukraine in the Znamyansky district of the Kirovograd region. It is located near the village of Vodiane of Znamyansk City Council. The lake is surrounded by the Black Forest swamp, together with which it makes a natural hydrological monument of Ukraine.




Ascension Cathedral (Bobrynets)

Ascension Cathedral is considered a major architectural ornament of Bobrinets. Built in 1898-1912. The construction was supervised by an architect J. Pauchenka.


Tract Monastyrysche

Tract Monastyrysche is landscape reserve of national importance in the Ukraine. The area of the reserve is 15.3 hectares. It is located at the south of Kirovograd region, a place where the river Ingul flows through granite panels and forms a steep canyon in the midst of which a large rock is located.




Kropivnitskiy Dendrological Park

Private commercial amusement park and green area in Kropyvnytskyi, park, monument of landscape architecture of local importance. The park is 44.2 hectares. Today, the park has 20 rides, 5 of which were purchased in 2007 for children, family and extreme. All rides with have pass a state certification.