Mykolaiv region

Dnipro-Bug estuary

The Dnipro-Bug estuary was formed as a result of the transgression of the Black Sea in the lower reaches of the Dnieper and the Southern Bug. The estuary is connected to the Black Sea by a 3.6 km wide strait (between the Ochakov cape and the Kinburn spit). The southern shores are low, sandy; northern, mostly high (up to 20-35 m), composed of clay-sandy rocks, only in some areas there are sand-shell spits. The bottom near the braids is sandy, at a depth is covered with loamy-sand silts.




Olvia National Historical and Archaeological Site

Olvia translates as “happy” in ancient Greek. This is the official name of the city certified in the decrees it issued, in inscriptions on coins and in most of written chronicles. Having survived for almost a thousand years, its name did not disappear, after all. Today, Olvia is a national historical and archaeological reserve that attracts thousands of visitors every year.




Yelanets steppe

The Natural Reserve "Yelanetsky steppe" is a protected area in Novoodeskiy and Yelanetskiy Counties of Mykolayiv Oblast. The reserve was established on July 17, 1996 and covers 1,675.7 hectares. As the first and, so far, only steppe reserve in Right-Bank Ukraine, the Yelanetskiy Steppe Reserve is intended to preserve and restore natural steppe systems in this part of Ukraine. It is also meant to protect the largest virgin steppe in the Northwest Black Sea region. Efforts are being made to preserve and restore fescue-grass steppe, which is not available in other protected areas of Ukraine.




National Park "Buzkyi Hard”

The park includes the Southern Buh River valley and the gorges of its tributaries – Velyka Korabelna, Bakshaly and Mertvovod. Buzkiy Hard National Park was established by Presidential Decree in 2009 covering 6,138.13 hectares of Arbuzynka, Bratsk, Voznesensk, Domanivka and Pervomaisk Counties in Mykolayiv Oblast. The climate is temperate continental, as the Oblast is located in northern-steppe subzone. It is characterized by mild, relatively unstable warm winters, hot summers with low, unstable humidity, and frequent droughts and dry winds.




The Kinburnska Kosa

The Kinburnska Kosa is a protected peninsula located in Ochakiv and Berezan Counties in Mykolayiv Oblast between the Dnipro-Buh estuary and the Black Sea. The Park covers 35,223.15 hectares. The unique feature of the area is caused by a significant number of endemic species of flora and fauna. With some 600 species of higher vascular plants, the spit is often called a green pharmacy. However, more 30 plants are already in various conservation lists.